“'We try to get word of mouth out but that doesn’t always work,' said Tracy Strickland of Kanawha Valley Collective, 'People don’t always know where things are located so I give people rides here, people are definitely grateful to get out of the cold.'”  WOWK-TV, Mackenzie Koch

“'A lot of times with the individuals we serve, we are in their life,' [Kanawha Valley Collective executive director Traci] Strickland said. 'We know them better than a lot of people. A lot of our clients are without a family and many of our service providers are their emergency contacts at hospitals. This gives the providers time together and to reflect.'


'It’s also important for the people we are remembering who may not have been able to have a service because they weren’t connected anywhere.'” Metro News, Jake Flately

“'The warming station is truly a community effort,' said Jeremy Brannon, a Kanawha Valley Collective AmeriCorps VISTA worker. 'We have Kanawha Valley Collective agency partners like the United Way of Central West Virginia, Cabin Creek Health Systems, church groups and the city coming together to see to it that all persons living in Kanawha County are safe, warm and fed this winter.'”

The Charleston Gazette-Mail, Rick Steelhammer

"About a month ago, my friend Kristi Wheeler, the resource development director at the United Way of Central West Virginia, mentioned the “More Than a Home for the Holidays” gingerbread house competition Dec. 11 and 12.

United Way and the Kanawha Valley Collective are doing it to raise money to help fund the winter warming stations the homeless (or just the cold) can use when the temperatures drop to 15 degrees.

Not only was it an opportunity to do good, but there were prizes!" The Charleston Gazette-Mail, Bill Lynch

"[KVC executive director Traci] Strickland said local nonprofits have discussed opening the emergency shelter at a higher temperature.

'I know many of us would like to have the [temperature] higher. It’s just figuring out how we would run it,' Strickland said.

'There is no excuse for anyone freezing to death on our streets. I find that unacceptable.'” The Charleston Gazette-MailAmelia Ferrell Knisely 

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