Kanawha County


Mountain Mission

1620 7th Ave.

Charleston, WV 25387

Ph: (304) 344-3407

Monday through Thursday, 9am-2:30pm. 

Free diapers and formula. 

Heart and Hand

212 D St.

South Charleston, WV 25303

Ph: (304) 744-6741

Monday through Thursday, 10am-12pm, and 1-3pm.

Free diapers, baby food and formula.

Gabriel Project              

1207 Jefferson Rd.           

South Charleston, WV 25309

Ph: (304) 205-5865

Free diapers, wipes, and car seats.


P.O. Box 4663,

Charleston, WV 25364 

Putnam County


Heart and Hand

20 Radwin Dr. (Inside Winfield United Methodist)

Winfield, WV 25213

Ph: (304) 543-8770

Open Monday through Thursday, 9am-1:30pm.

Free diapers and formula.

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