Centralized Assessment Team (CAT)

What is the Centralized  Assessment Team (CAT)?

A team of case managers that will take the lead in helping people access emergency shelter and housing programs through a centralized location. Families/Individuals no longer need to contact every shelter and  housing provider for openings. A Diversion Specialist will assist you in identifying alternative options to shelter.

Anyone seeking emergency shelter or housing should contact a member of the Centralized Assessment Team located at Covenant House at (304) 344-8053 x 29 or go to their location at     600 Shrewsbury Street, Charleston, WV.


  • A VI-SPDAT will be conducted with individuals/families  experiencing homelessness in Kanawha, Boone, Clay, and Putnam Counties. 

  • This assessment will determine the most appropriate referral for housing program support based upon the need of the individual/family.

  • Individuals/families that complete this assessment may be referred to housing programs such as: Rapid Re-Housing, Transitional Housing, or Permanent  Supportive Housing programs.

Housing Referral

  • Individuals/families are referred to Supportive housing programs based upon their needs and barriers, determined by the completed assessment.

  • Once a housing placement is available and the referral is accepted by the housing provider; the individual/family, CAT member, and the housing provider will  meet  for a warm transfer.

Available Assistance

Housing First

The client will receive a permanent support housing unit. Rent is based off of a portion of the client's income. You can still qualify for this housing program without an income. Program administered by Covenant House. Criteria: Must have been homeless for a year.

Rapid Rehousing

This is a short-term housing assistance program that provides deposit and first month's rent to clientele experiencing 

homelessness. Program administered by Covenant House.

Criteria: Must be homeless or fleeing domestic violence.

Shelter +Care

Homeless clients are giving a housing voucher similar to Section 8/Housing Choice vouchers plus aftercare services. Program administered by Charleston Kanawha Housing Authority.

Criteria: Must be chronically  homeless with a disability and high VI-SPDAT score.

Twin Cities

Twin Cities is a communal/ permanent support residential housing facility operated by Roark-Sullivan. Clients have their own rooms and are provided meals.

Criteria: Must be homeless with a mental health disorder and/or substance abuse issues.

Shanklin Center

Shanklin Center is a 11-unit facility for abused elderly women and those with a history of domestic violence run by YWCA Charleston Resolve program. Criteria: must be a homeless person with documented history of elder abuse and/or domestic violence.  


Veterans Administration Supportive Housing program is a program that offers up housing vouchers similar to Section 8/Housing Choice vouchers to homeless military vet clients. The program is administered by the Charleston-Kanawha Housing Authority and the VA. Criteria: Must be a homeless military veteran. 

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