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Strategic Plan Summary

Kanawha Valley Collective Strategic Plan Summary 2015-2020


Mission: The Kanawha Valley Collective is a collaborative network dedicated to preventing and ending homelessness


Vision: Everyone in our community has a safe, stable place to call home


Core Values

We believe in…

• A strong commitment and passion to finding solutions to end homelessness

• Building strong partnerships and collaborations o Promoting and facilitating self-sufficiency and success

• Ensuring quality services for individuals and families through leadership and accountability


Strategic Priorities and Goals

Strategic Priority: Strong, Sustainable Organization

Goal: KVC will have the staffing capacity, infrastructure and leadership in place to fulfill its mission


Strategic Priority: Improved Planning and Accountability

Goal: KVC will reach HUD-defined outcomes through planning, technical assistance, and monitoring Strategic Priority: Access to Quality CoC Services Goal: Access to quality CoC services will be improved


Strategic Priority: Education, Awareness, and Advocacy

Goal: Greater awareness and understanding of KVC and the issue of homelessness will exist among stakeholders and the community.

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