Strategic Plan Summary

Kanawha Valley Collective Strategic Plan Summary 2015-2020


Mission: The Kanawha Valley Collective is a collaborative network dedicated to preventing and ending homelessness


Vision: Everyone in our community has a safe, stable place to call home


Core Values

We believe in…

• A strong commitment and passion to finding solutions to end homelessness

• Building strong partnerships and collaborations o Promoting and facilitating self-sufficiency and success

• Ensuring quality services for individuals and families through leadership and accountability


Strategic Priorities and Goals

Strategic Priority: Strong, Sustainable Organization

Goal: KVC will have the staffing capacity, infrastructure and leadership in place to fulfill its mission


Strategic Priority: Improved Planning and Accountability

Goal: KVC will reach HUD-defined outcomes through planning, technical assistance, and monitoring Strategic Priority: Access to Quality CoC Services Goal: Access to quality CoC services will be improved


Strategic Priority: Education, Awareness, and Advocacy

Goal: Greater awareness and understanding of KVC and the issue of homelessness will exist among stakeholders and the community.

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*The Kanawha Valley Collective policy is to provide equal opportunity to all persons without

regard to race, color, sex, gender identity, sexual orientation, transgender status, religion,

national origin, age, familial status, disability, protected  veteran status, or other bases

protected by applicable law.