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  • Jakob Frederick Harteis

The 1st of the year

We like to think of ourselves as a happy group of people. So it saddens me to continue to warn of the future. Currently there is a moratorium on evictions due to lack of payment. This moratorium was put in place first under the CARES act and then continued by an executive action, but this moratorium ends at the beginning of the 2021. One of the big downstream effects of COVID was a massive loss of jobs as the economy first shut down and then adapted into our new reality. As a whole we have lost about 10 million jobs across the country. As a result, when this moratorium ends we expect about a 432% increase in evictions and homelessness across the nation. We have resources that can help! If you need help or know someone that does please contact us. It is easier for us to keep you in your house then to find out a new one.

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