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Types of Housing Assistance for Homeless and Those At Risk of Homelessness

  • Emergency Shelter: any facility with overnight sleeping accommodations with the primary purpose to provide temporary shelter for the homeless (including specific populations of homeless persons)

  • Rapid Re-Housing: rental housing search assistance, limited-time financial assistance, and case management and other services to help homeless families and individuals achieve sufficient independence to maintain their housing

  • Permanent Supportive Housing: community-based housing and supportive services for homeless individuals and families with long-term disabilities that substantially impede their ability to live independently

  • Affordable Housing: permanent housing in which the rent is below market rates and/or is based on the tenant’s income

  • Transitional Housing: temporary and time-limited housing assistance and comprehensive support options targeting specific sub-populations with high barriers. Currently, Stark County has one Transitional Housing project for survivors of domestic violence, sexual assault, stalking and dating violence intended to help them gain economic stability, build a life independent of their abuser and achieve their personal goals

  • Homeless Prevention: short-term help for individuals and families who are at serious risk of becoming homeless, providing financial assistance and support to resolve temporary housing crises

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